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The 100 – 63. Provocations and Invitations to Play

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The 100 – 63. Provocations and invitations to play is a collection of short stories, each with the theme of an invitation to play.

The 100 is a TV show that premiered on February 27, 2016. The show is about the 100 people who are sent to Earth after an alien invasion. It follows their fight for survival and their relationships with each other.

My son walks into the living room to see a line of vehicles, buses, and taxis poised two feet above the ground on the second level of the bookshelf. On the coffee table, he sees a second line of cars heading in the other way.

We went into London yesterday to spend some time by the river and crossed many bridges. We visited a renowned aqueduct while on vacation in France last week. Next, Henry wants to go to Tower Bridge. He’s anxious for it to open up so that a boat may pass through.

A mound of blocks, together with postcards of London bridges, a map of the city, and the Tower Bridge snow globe we purchased on our trip, can be found on the floor between the two sets of toys.

This is the challenge.

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My kid loves bridges, and we want to help him learn more about how they are built. But he’ll have to figure it out on his own.

He is unable to bridge the distance due to a lack of blocks. He’ll have to utilize his creativity to come up with other resources that will suffice. And, given his hobbies, we anticipate that, halfway through construction, he will decide to turn it into Tower Bridge, complete with a movable road. He knows where the craft supplies are stored, and we’ve made sure it’s filled with card, string, and sellotape so he can get started right away.

Maybe he won’t build a bridge at all. That’s only one of the numerous ways his performance might go.

A provocation may, of course, be much more straightforward. A tray of natural materials, a bunch of leaves and some PVA glue, a bag of all-one-color items, or a jar full of buttons

All you can do is start with your child’s interests and let them go from there. It’s essential to remember that the process, not the result, is what matters.

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Henry is learning to see the world in new ways with each provocation. His preconceptions are tested, and he learns to see things more clearly.

What kind of provocation do you think you could provide your kid today?

Note: The word ‘provocation’ originates from the Reggio Emilia pre-schools, which are known for their progressive approach to early childhood education. Indeed, the ‘100’ in One Hundred Toys was inspired by Reggio’s concept of ‘the 100 languages of children,’ which we’ll discuss in more detail in the following weeks.

The loose toys is a toy that has been around for a long time. It’s a simple, colorful toy that invites children to play with it and learn about numbers.