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Get Your Kids Excited For Summer With These Awesome Pool Games

Swimming is a great way for kids to have fun and stay active during the summer. If you have a pool at home, you may be wondering what games and activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained. Here are some fun pool games and activities that your kids will love.

Marco Polo

Source: newfolks.com

Marco Polo is a classic pool game that has been played for generations. To play, one person is designated as “Marco” and closes their eyes or wears a blindfold while the other players spread out in the pool. Marco calls out “Marco!” and the other players respond with “Polo!” Marco must then try to tag the other players by following the sound of their voices. The game continues until all players are tagged.

Safety Rule: Make sure everyone playing the game knows the pool’s depth and how to swim to the edge. A responsible adult should always be present.

Underwater Treasure Hunt

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This game is perfect for kids who love to dive and explore underwater. To play, toss a few coins, pool toys, or other objects into the pool and have the kids dive down to retrieve them. You can also make it a competition by timing each player to see who can collect the most objects in a set amount of time.

Safety Rule: Only allow children who are confident swimmers to participate in this game. Always supervise the game and ensure that the pool is not too deep for the children.

Water Volleyball

Water volleyball is a fun and energetic game that can be played with a net or simply by dividing the pool in half. The rules are the same as regular volleyball, but with the added challenge of playing in the water. This game is great for older kids who have some experience with volleyball.

Safety Rule: Make sure the pool is deep enough for players to jump and dive without hitting the bottom. Also, ensure that the net or dividing rope is securely fastened to avoid accidents.

Cannonball Contest

Source: kidsquest.com

Who can make the biggest splash? That’s the question that will be answered in this fun pool game. Kids take turns doing their best cannonball jumps and judges score them based on the height of the splash and the size of the ring it creates. It’s a fun way to cool off and show off their jumping skills.

Safety Rule: Only allow children to jump from the side of the pool, not the diving board. Make sure the pool is deep enough to avoid injury and always supervise the game.


In conclusion, swimming pool games and activities are a great way to keep your kids entertained and active during the summer. These games can provide endless fun while helping kids improve their swimming skills and boost their confidence in the water. However, it’s important to always prioritize water safety for toddlers when it comes to water activities.

Make sure to supervise children and ensure they are aware of the rules and guidelines before playing any games in the pool. With the right precautions in place, your family can enjoy a summer full of fun in the sun. So, gather your kids and dive into the excitement of these pool games and activities!