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6 Interesting Facts To Know About Barbie Dolls

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Barrie dolls are one of the most famous toys in the world right now. Many people still think of the popularity of Barbie and what all are the reasons. Barrie has its history, which you must know if you like the dolls. This is how you will be more familiar with the Barrie culture and what makes them so special for the kids.

In the further article, we will talk about all the Interesting facts to know about Barbie dolls. This will help you know more about them, and next time you tell the kids a story related to the Barbies, you have a pretty comprehensive background to sun up your story with.

Some Of The Interesting Facts To Know About The Barbie Dolls:

Let’s check them out and learn about different Unknown facts that back up the history and relevance of Barbie dolls in recent times.

1. An Engineer Made Her

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A lot about the popularity of dolls and how She was made by a specialist or an engineer who used to work for the Pentagon. Many people did not know that the Barbie was made by an engineer who used to work in a big firm.

Jack Ryan started his vocation as an architect, making rockets for the Pentagon, yet was in the end employed away by Mattel for his “space-age clever” and information on materials (importance, he’d have the option to make the superior grade, well-working toys). He was somewhat familiar with the materials used for making different things.

As he was in the composition department, he got the idea of making barbie dolls which is pretty rare, but now his idea is serving the world. His plans helped give Barbie her twistable midriff and “snap click” knee joints. He was mainly focused on providing her with the snap-click knee joints and making her moveable so that she should not be stiff.

2. Barbie Was Named After A Creator’s Daughter

Barbie is named after the Handlers’ little girl, Barbara. Ken is named after their child, Kenneth. In Barbie’s reality, her folks are George and Margaret Roberts from Willows, Wisconsin. One more thing which is important for you to know is that the paper dolls inspired the barbie dolls. The idea of dolls comes from them only.

Ruth was the one who decided to create a three-dimensional doll while he was playing with her daughter. This is where the idea of making dolls came from.

3. First Barbie Was Sold As Both Blonde And Brunette

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The first Barbie was accessible to buy as either a blonde or a brunette. When the public first knew it, it was accessible to them in blonde and brunette colors. Barbies now come in tons of colors, shades and designs, but at the starting face, only two of them. There are tons of different types of barbies in the market now. Gifting barbie dolls is a trend that has been going on for ages, and mostly every girl or kid loves dolls.

Now you can find good limited-edition Barbie dolls on various sites, but it is important for you to get them from reliable brands. Children now love unique and beautiful Barbie dolls so that they can find something new to play with, and for that, there are a number of limited edition Barbie dolls. Before gifting anything to anyone, it is highly recommended to do some research so that you will be able to give the best gift.

4. Total Hair Barbie Is the Best Selling Version

Guinness World Records says the top-rated Barbie ever is Hair Barbie, delivered in 1992. this is a part of the history of the Barbie world, and till now, many people still look at Barbie because it gives pretty nostalgic vibes and allows them to cherish the old memories of their childhood. Until now, more than 10 million dolls have been sold worldwide; in 2017, Mattel even delivered a 25th commemoration rendition of the doll, considering its crazy achievement.

Many companies have copied the look of Barbie to gain good profits and sales; fortunately, every company has gained a good amount. Many kids follow the barbies’ looks to learn more about fashion and other things related to looks and style.

5. A Barbie Doll Is Sold Every Four Seconds

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In 2003, Fortune guaranteed every 4 seconds somebody on the planet purchases another Barbie. It will not be considered to brag that every child easily gets attracted towards the barbie as compared to other toys.barbies always steals the show and if you are going to gift it to any kid make sure that you reach out to the best store. As per the data, the quantity of Barbies on the planet could circumnavigate the globe in excess of multiple times.

The world is 24,900 miles in circuit, and a Barbie doll is 11.5 inches tall. Hence, you would require 13.7 million Barbies stacked head-to-toe to make it all over the planet. By utilizing the previously mentioned three-second Barbie rule, there are an adequate number of dolls to fold over the globe the greater part multiple times.

6. There have been bunches of VIP dolls

The Elizabeth Taylor Barbie doll. English style symbol Twiggy was the primary genuine VIP to get her own Barbie — the supermodel’s doll wore a mod smaller than usual skirt, go boots, and her particular insect lashes. Now it has become a trend to have celebrity dolls. It is a really good marketing tactic to attract different customers towards their brand.

Various other celebrities who have had their own Barbies also, including dolls wearing the exemplary looks of Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn, as well as additional cutting edge ladies like Nicki Minaj, J.K. Rowling, Gigi Hadid, and many others. You can find them in many different catalogs of the barbies.

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The Takeaway

This article will help you out in knowing more about the barbies and how they evolve in recent times. Barbie dolls will always be considered as a beautiful gift for the young generation.