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The 100 – 3. Baby Gym and Play Mat

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The 100 is a new show on the CW Network that follows 100 teenagers living in an underground bunker. Each week, one of them dies and must be replaced by another teenager. There are only 10 spots available for the survivors to live above ground.

The what age do babies stop using playmats is a question that parents often ask. A baby gym and play mat is a great way to keep your child entertained for hours on end, especially when you’re out of the house.

Your baby will learn to reach, roll, and grip with the assistance of a baby gym.

The first few months of our children’s lives are very important. We want to cling to the freshness of it all because they’ll never be this young again. Sleepless nights seem to last an eternity, yet three months pass in the blink of an eye.

But, as they get older, our infants become stronger and more aware of their surroundings. They seek excitement and methods to put their body to the test.

Toys aren’t necessary for newborns, but they will enjoy gazing at and reaching for fascinating things once they are a few weeks old. There’s no need to provide much more than a baby gym, a play mat, and a few activity toys for the first six months (or interesting, child-friendly objects from around the house).

Baby gym

A baby gym will assist your child in learning to reach, roll, and grip while also engaging his or her visual and auditory development. You may start using them right now.

A simple baby gym may be made with a pole placed between two hefty chairs (but make sure the construction can’t be dragged down upon your infant).

The most important thing to remember is that the items you hang from the gym should be high-contrast (preferably black and white) and not too far away, just like a mobile. Hang the toys slightly to the left or right of the midline to assist your kid with crossing the midline, a necessary yet underappreciated ability. You may promote rolling by moving the item to the side.

After three months, your child’s eyesight has matured to the point where high-contrast things are less essential. They can tell the difference between an item and its surroundings (newborns spend a lot of time looking at the edges of things to figure out where one thing ends and another begins). It’s now time for some color and diversity.

Note that some baby gyms are detachable from the play mat and may be relocated to a more comfortable location. A bar that may be raised and lowered as your kid develops is another helpful function.

Play mat

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Play mats, like a baby gym, may be utilized from the beginning to provide stimulus and visual appeal for your baby. They provide a secure and pleasant place in normally high-traffic areas like as the living room or kitchen when used in combination with baby gyms. They may also be conveniently folded and carried with you.

You’ll want to offer your baby tummy time as she develops, and a play mat is a wonderful addition to this important developmental activity. Tummy time helps your baby develop arm, neck, and back strength, all of which are necessary for crawling and ultimately pulling up onto all fours. Crinkly flaps, mirrors, squeakers, and various textured fabrics are all common elements on play mats that promote exploration.

Use your play mat in the following ways:

  • The first stage in your baby’s journey from lying on her back to crawling is for her to roll over. Arrange intriguing items in a semi-circle around her head to promote this. Place the first one in front of her eyes, at arm’s length. The following one is a little higher. Your baby will crane her neck in anticipation of seeing the next item in the sequence. Her opposing shoulder will naturally fall away from the mat when she does this. She’ll be able to turn over onto her stomach in no time. A whole new world has opened up for you!
  • At initially, tummy time should only be done for brief amounts of time. Your infant is working hard to keep her head up.
  • The’sphinx’ phase follows, which involves pushing up with the arms but not yet on all fours. Put several fascinating items within touching reach of each other. You want to urge her to reach for them with one arm up. This increases your strength.
  • Finally, move the items back a little bit. To reach them, your baby will learn to push herself forward. This causes you to go down on all fours and ultimately crawl.

A baby gym and a play mat aren’t real necessities. Interesting items may be strung between two seats, and a blanket can be used as a mat. They do, however, provide a guarantee of safety. The materials have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe to chew, with no dangerously tiny pieces. That’s one less thing to worry about during those sleep-deprived first few months.

The wooden baby gym is a great toy for your child. It has a lot of different textures for your little one to explore, and it’s made of wood so it will last forever.