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Why Do We Give Babies Rattles?

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The rattle is a toy that has been around for centuries. It was originally made of bone, but has since evolved into plastic or rubber rattles.

The unique baby rattles are a type of toy that is given to babies. They are used to help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination in the infant.

They don’t seem to be used very often. A few tremors here and there, but seldom any in-depth study. When pulled from the prize basket, the most you can expect for is a short smash and maybe a chew.

Rattles, on the other hand, have been around for millennia. There’s got to be something unique about them. And there is, of course.

The initial movements of a baby are involuntary. Reflexes are in charge. Place your finger in the palm of your baby’s hand, and her fingers will naturally close around it. The flailing arms and legs are then brought under greater control. Fine motor control eventually becomes feasible, and actions become completely intentional.

So, how do rattles fit in? Babies must learn to shake their toys in order to replicate the pleasant rattling sound. This necessitates the use of both the hand and the arm. Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down It’s the same motion that will be used to dot a I or paint at an easel in the future.

Why not try a discovery bottle after the rattle has gone out of favor? You can learn more about them in the website’s free activities section, but they’re basically plastic water bottles packed with fun stuff.

Sand, water, dishwashing liquid, beans, coins, or oil may all be used. Anything goes. The key is to just fill them halfway so that the contents may move around when the bottle is shaken. You get all the advantages of a rattle, plus a unique sound and visual delight.

This is part of our #fewerbettertoys series, in which we look at methods to get more play value out of the toys you currently own.

The how do rattles help babies develop is a question that we often hear. They are used to help the baby learn how to hold and use their hands, and they also provide a soothing sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a rattle good for a baby?

A rattle is a toy that makes noise when you shake it. It can help your baby develop their hearing and motor skills, and the sounds will help them learn about the world around them.

When should I give my baby a rattle?

Rattle is a toy that babies can use to help develop their motor skills, auditory perception and hand-eye coordination. It is usually recommended for babies six months or older.

How does a rattle help with cognitive development?

A rattle helps with cognitive development because it is a tool that children can use to learn about the world around them.