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The 100 – 97. Transient Art

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The 100 – 97. Transient art is a series of sculptures by New York based artist, Thomas Houseago. It was commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2017 and consists of 100 small sculptures made from found objects, including plastic bags, bottles, paper clips, and wire hangers.

Transient art is a type of art that changes or disappears. There are many artists that have created transient art pieces, including Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

As the name implies, transient art is a process in which children create pictures, patterns, and sculptures that only endure until the conclusion of their play session. Writing in the sand at the beach, drawing in chalk on the patio, or creating a face out of stones are all examples of transitory art.

In transitory art, loose elements, in particular, play a significant role. Children may make realistic and abstract pictures with gemstones and colored beads, leaves and sticks, pebbles and shells, or anything else. They can create visual tales by arranging seasonal images, creating patterns using color palettes, sorting forms into groups, and creating visual narrative. The options are really limitless.

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Transient art, like process art, is more concerned with exploring color, form, perspective, and aesthetics than with producing a masterpiece. This technique helps to build fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination, as well as early mathematical concepts like grouping and counting. Knowing that their work isn’t intended to stay forever may give kids the courage to try new things and push creative limits they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

The visual artists rights act is a law that protects the rights of visual artists. It also has provisions for works created before 1978.