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How to Choose the Right Wobbel Board

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Wobbel boards are a popular toy that has been around for a long time. They were originally made by a company called “Wobble Works” and have been around since the 1950s. The original design is still sold today, but there are many different variations of these toys available.

The wobbel board starter vs original is a great toy for children. It is important to know how to choose the right Wobbel board, so that you get the best one.

Do you want to try Wobbel boarding but aren’t sure which Wobbel board is right for you and your family? With this thorough guide, we’ve made picking the appropriate Wobbel board simple.

What is the purpose of a Wobbel board?

Wobbel boards, as the name implies, are meant to be wobbled on! They are made out of a single wooden arch on which you may balance and rock back and forth. You may do this while standing, sitting, or laying down on the board (how you use it will vary based on your size and the size of the board). (I’ll get to it in a minute.)

Wobbel boards, on the other hand, are useful for a lot more than just wobbling. Wobbel boards may be used as props in creative play, stairs for reaching high places, nooks for quiet time, and pretty much whatever else you want them to be when they’re not being utilized for movement-based play. Depending on your house and the children (and adults) who will be using it, you may pick from a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Continue reading to learn which Wobbel board is right for you.

What makes Wobbel boards so special?

So, where do we begin? These apparently basic curves may seem to be sparse, yet they provide optimum play value for the whole family. In this way, a Wobbel board is more of an invitation to move, think, and create than a toy. Here are just a few of the advantages of using a Wobbel board:

  • Promotes physical confidence and motor control by improving balance, nimbleness, and core strength.
  • Encourages creative play (what might this board be?). What can I do with it?) –
  • Creates an immediate child-sized ‘space’ for quiet time and reflection in any room or environment.
  • Indoors especially on rainy days, encourages your kid to exercise and play physically.
  • Allows for the creation of a natural setting or stage for small-world play.
  • Invites children and adults of all ages to play together.

Is it true that all Wobbel boards are the same?

With a few basic principles, deciding on a Wobbel board is straightforward. First and foremost, every basic Wobbel board is produced in the same manner, with several layers of high-quality European FSC beech or bamboo wood and a transparent, water-based lacquer finish (purists can also opt for an unlacquered Original.) When it comes to the appearance, feel, and general functioning of your Wobbel board, you have a variety of choices to pick from. You may learn more about each board in the next section and decide which one is ideal for you, but first, let’s go over some of the important characteristics to look for when selecting the finest Wobbel board.


Wobbel boards used in houses with wood or tiled floors should have a felt backing on one side. It adds a layer of protection to your board and helps to muffle the sound of wood hitting hard surfaces. When you’re in small-world mode, it also adds a burst of color and a soft surface for dolls and figurines.

Traditional wool felt and pressed felt are also options. Wool felt is the softest, while pressed felt, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles and is ideal for intense usage and older children, is the most durable. It’s also simpler to clean, making it a wonderful choice for pet owners, and it’s 100% vegan since it’s wool-free.

In houses with carpets and rugs, a board with a felt backing may still be used. You just gain an additional layer of cushion!


A cork backing is an excellent choice for use on indoor hard surfaces since it offers a natural grip and is somewhat harder than felt. It’s also suggested for youngsters aged three and above, since its inherent strength increases the board’s weight-bearing capacity. Cork also has a very natural appearance and feel. However, due of its roughness, you won’t be able to simply slide items down a cork backing, and tiny bits may break away.


Felts are available in a variety of colors, ranging from light pastels to deeper hues, all subdued and natural, to complement the wooden board. Because wobbel boards rapidly become part of your home’s furnishings, you’ll want to consider which colors are ideal for you and your area. You may also select between beech wood and bamboo boards, which are both lighter in color. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Which Wobbel board should you choose: the starter or the original?

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So, which Wobbel boards are available at 100 Toys? We have the Starter Wobbel and Original boards since we specialize on play for youngsters under the age of five. These two Wobbel boards are the ideal for infants and toddlers, with lots of space for play and development beyond the early years. Let’s look at it more closely.

Wobbel Starter

The Wobbel Starter is the smallest board and, as the name implies, is the best Wobbel to start with. It’s light enough for even the tiniest children to handle and maneuver, and the Starter’s construction makes it flexible and sensitive to all of the bouncing and smashing you can throw at it. Wobbel boards have no age restrictions, however we believe this is the ideal board for infants and little children. When turned over, the curve is very soft, giving it excellent balance, and a modest waist with emphasized corners provides it stability. It may be transformed into a beautiful rocker for storytime with a sheepskin or favorite blanket (never leave a baby unattended on a Wobbel board), and it can also be used as a bridge, space ship, automobile ramp, or boat in your creative games and small-world play. Choose from simple lacquered or a recycled felt backing in your favorite color.

  • 70 x 27.5 cm Dimensions
  • 2 kg in weight
  • Weight limit: up to 100 kilograms
  • Baby and young children are the best candidates (up to 5 years)

Original Wobbel

The Wobbel Original is the most versatile board in the Wobbel lineup. It’s a little bigger and heavier than the Starter, but it’s still extremely light, flexible, and sturdy, making it the ideal companion for your expanding family. It’s available in plain beech or bamboo, lacquered or unlacquered, and with either an eco-felt or cork backing (suitable from 3 years up.) The possibilities for play are limitless, as they are with all Wobbel boards: use it as a step while cooking, a ramp for skating, a stage for your shows, a roof for your cave, and even a sledge when the snow arrives. Add a plush sheepskin and you’ve got yourself a beautiful rocker or even a footstool.

  • 90 x 30 cm Dimensions
  • 4.5 kg in weight
  • Use a weight of up to 200 kg.
  • Children aged 7 and above are the best candidates.

Ideas for Wobbel board games

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What is the best way to play with a Wobbel board? is a frequently requested question. We can’t really teach you how to use your Wobbel boards since they’re open-ended toys; that would ruin the pleasure! However, here are some of our favorite ways to play with a Wobbel board:

  • Make it sway! Standing on the board and wobbling it about is a surprise engrossing pastime that also provides a fantastic exercise for gross motor skills. See if you can spin it around or use it to go across the room. Even better if you have a willing pet or sibling that wants to join you.
  • Make a fort. The board may be used as a roof for a den or as an entrance to a bunker.
  • It may be used as a shield. It is widely known that Wobbel boards were employed by Roman troops and Knights of the Round Table to defend themselves in combat. For added authenticity, pair with silks.
  • Use it as a table for your teddies and doll tea parties. Any surface may be used as a doctor’s desk or a store counter in creative play.
  • In your vehicle play, use it as a ramp or a bridge.
  • In your small-world games, use it as a stage or a background. It’s a desert if it’s draped in orange silks, or a mountain if it’s draped in green silks.
  • Fill it with pillows and use it for reading and quiet time.

The wobbel board cushion is a toy that has been around for a while. It was originally made to help develop balance and coordination skills in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a balance board?

The best way to choose a balance board is to go onto the internet and search for reviews of balance boards. You can also try looking at the compatibility list on the website of the company that you want to buy from.

What size balance board should I use?

The size of the balance board is not a factor in determining your height.

What age are Wobbel boards for?

Wobbel boards are for children aged 3-8.