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LEGO nameplate is a part of renowned Lego group which is responsible for offering to both kids and adults a fun and innovative way of playing and developing their brain cells in a process. Interlocking plastic bricks officially exist since 1949 when Danish company started producing them. However, company’s history is longer than that. They have started producing plastic toys two years prior to that and have been present since 1932. At that time, however, Lego was producing mainly wooden toys, and the name itself was established in 1934. Name comes from Danish phrase “leg godt”, which means “play well”, and most of the kids since then have played well thanks to Lego. Ole Kirk Christiansen is the mastermind behind the idea and a person which had left an enormous legacy behind him. Still, those early years were rather turbulent and it wasn’t until 1958 that the modern Lego brick was established.

With the establishment of modern Lego brick, Lego’s renowned sets were also launched into popularity. Initial sets included m of different themes spanning from city, castle and town sets to space, robots, and train sets. Possibilities seemed limitless and innovative producer of toys used that fact to its advantage. Danish company, however, didn’t stop there. They expanded beyond the toy world and you can now find Lego bricks in movies and video games too. All this clearly states what kind of an impact Lego had on toys over last half a century or so.


Current Lego catalog goes as far as to offer 35 different sets and other products. Old ones like castle, city and bricks are still here, but the contemporary list also includes some sets which further expand Lego’s influence. You are now able to get yourself Minecraft, Star Wars, Disney and other old and new sets as well. One of the categories is video games which include a solid number of games for both mobile phones and modern gaming platforms such as PC, Play Station, Xbox and Nintendo Wii U. This just shows that Lego looks beyond the toy frame and offers all possible ways for having a fun time. Lego Technic is among the most popular sets, Danish toy manufacturer makes. Here you can find everything from racing bikes, over different versions of racing cars and construction vehicles, to all-new licensed Volvo replicas of L350F wheel loader and A25F articulated hauler.


Lego Architecture allows you to set up your own landmark made out of plastic bricks. You can choose between classics such as Big Ben, the Eiffel tower and leaning tower of Pisa, or you can make your own Empire State building, Sydney opera house, the UN building or Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Options are limitless and Lego always benefits from this. Lego Star Wars series offers plenty of sets and products from the renowned franchise. You can get yourself your own Walker or a Sith flagship. Even Sandcrawler, Millennium Falcon, and Death Star are available to buy, and so are all the heroes from the saga. Both Marvel’s and DC Comics heroes have got their own category in Lego world.

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These categories are self-explanatory, though, and you can get yourself pretty much everything you can imagine from the movies or comic books about two powerhouse sets of heroes. Lego even makes books about their own heroes. One of the newest additions to Lego world is Legends Of Chima books which aren’t only fun to read, but also interactive, whether through in-book puzzles or through paint segments. The list just goes on and on. Throughout the years, Lego had made pretty much everything that could come to their mind. Bricks have evolved from old-fashioned eight-peg design to the modern electricity-powered products which allow for a larger number of possibilities.

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Lego also has theme parks known as Legolands. There are currently seven of them, and besides the original one in Billund, Denmark, there’s a Lego, England in Windsor and Lego, Germany in Günzburg. US Legolands are in Carlsbad, California and in Winter Haven, Florida, while Asian parks can be found in Nusajaya, Malaysia and in Dubai, UAE. There’s a myriad of activities one can engage in, while in any of Legoland parks. From engaging rides, over game houses to the popular world’s landmarks made out of Lego bricks, of course.


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Most recently, Lego had launched its own board games. There’s already a great deal of these games and while some are traditional, others are a little bit unconventional. Later ones require building something (described upon a field on which a player has landed) from Lego bricks or finding one’s way out of labyrinths and such.

In terms of the times, Lego develops more and more robotic sets which date back to 1999. This line of Lego toys are called Mindstorms and they have a programmable brick at their heart. The brick set includes sensors that detect a number of movements as well which can be programmed via official software available on both Windows and Mac platforms. These are no mere toys, but actual robots which execute complex activities, and there’s also a number of competitions based on this technology.


It is safe to say that Lego company can make or already makes almost everything one can imagine. Every year they add something new to the list of their accomplishments and the only thing one has to do is to reap the rewards of Danish manufacturers’ ingenuity. Bionicle set which is one of the latest is a prime example of how Lego manages to keep up with the offering, not only engaging sets but a whole story behind them as well. Thanks to this ability of theirs, Lego doesn’t have anything to be afraid of, especially because their future looks as bright as it ever was. They have moved from old-school bricks, and new ones will include more and more parts which don’t have much to do with a classic interlocking way of building a toy. New Lego toys will be more contemporary and will offer robotic abilities and electricity-moved units as well. This had to be done and isn’t necessarily a wrong choice, especially considering the fact that old-school Lego bricks will be available for as long as they are in demand, and they most certainly will be for a long time to come.

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