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Gormiti are a sound proof that toy franchise doesn’t have to have a long history to become popular. These Italian mini figures were launched in 2005 by Grani & Partners/Giochi Preziosi cooperation and very quickly became popular worldwide. This rather massive popularity was achieved thanks to a TV show which started at Cartoon Network in 2009. Over three seasons, ratings steadily declined, at least in the U.S.A. where the show was subsequently canceled. However, Gormiti remained popular in other parts of the world, mainly in Brazil where their show is rated as number one cartoon show.

Official page: http://www.gormiticlub.com/

While TV show had a lot to do with promoting Gormiti, toys were always the main product. And among Gormiti toys, which are now abundant, 2-inch tall non-articulated mini figures were the first ones and still some of the most important ones. Things with figures and TV shows might become a little bit confusing, especially after the first series came to an end and second show with new characters arrived on air. Classic Gormiti lords were more human-like, at least, some of them, but the new series which is followed by new figures offer something different. Young princes of Gorm have evolved, both on and off the screen and are now available in a number of sizes and variations.

Base small figures are still here, and there are also those which can change color. All one needs to do is to soak its Gormiti figure in warm water and it’ll change its color. This transformation practically offers two figures in one. Larger figures come in a few more series. Basic giant series offers larger figures including the main protagonist Lord Agrom and main antagonist Firespitter. Both action figures are interactive and equipped with weapons. The former one has a rock hammer which can be launched via arm loading and press of a button while latter one has scythe lava which works by the same principle. Deluxe series adds Lord of the Forest (Lord Tasaru) to the lot. They are all fitted with their weapons and are of higher quality and made out of better materials which allow more details. Manufacturers didn’t forget about Gormiti’s vehicles as well. Lord Agrom, for instance, comes with his solid-stone jet skis, while Lord Noctis rides the skies on his skypedo. Even the impregnable Solar Sailer is available, and in a larger size than other toys too. Some toys allow kids to step right into the role of a Nature Lord. One of these is a replica of Lord Agrom’s rock hammer, the strongest weapon of the whole island of Gorm.


Gruppo Giochi Preziosi, manufacturers of Gormiti toys have recently launched a number of innovative interactive Gormiti sets. These come with boards, figures and natural stones of different properties which can be experimented with. A set includes geobook which explains the properties of included stones and the experiments which can be conducted with them. This is one way to make kids more aware of their surroundings and to offer them some geology insights which they would be hard-pressed to find out about otherwise. In general, Gormiti geolab range consists of a large board with a replica of a Gorm island which is compatible with smaller 2-inch (6 cm) characters. Apart from a 2-inch character, there’s also a larger 5-inch (12 cm) character in each set, with its own special metallic glow.

Gormiti figures don’t stop there. Since they are divided into five distinct categories which include people of the air, earth, forest, sea, and volcano, there are more characters that can be bought, even in whole sets. There’s a whole story behind every single group as well. People of the air are seclusive and look after their own problems. There are five characters that you can get from this set, and apart from the leader, Lord Noctis, you can have Blart, Hossu, Nimbyth and Air soldier. People of the earth are very proud and stubborn. They often cling to their past and aren’t open to a change. Besides the Lord Agrom, people of the earth set includes Tun-Tun, Spero, Geritz and Earth soldier. People of the forest are both proud and hostile. They live in small tribes, isolated from the rest of the island, while their set of figures consists of Lord Tasaru, Groot, Burning, Nutz, and a Forest soldier. The people of the sea are as unpredictable as their habitat. They constantly change moods and feel at home only in the water. People of the sea set consists of Lord Piron, Vomica, Klaxus, Aqualogue and, of course, a Sea soldier. Last, but not the least, main antagonists, people of the volcano are greedy and they don’t pay any attention towards nature. Apart from Magor, an embodiment of terror, you can play with Firespitter, Fume, Sceven and Andrall.

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Apart from the new generation of Gormiti, old characters like Toby and Nick Tripp, Lucas Wanson and Jessica Herleins can still be found, but you’ll have to look much harder. Also, besides playing with actual figures, Gormiti franchise allows you trading card game experience in many parts of the world. There’s nothing out of the ordinary to it, it’s a trading card game as any other, only with your favorite characters at the heart of it. Even a video game has been produced during the peak of Gormiti’s popularity. Konami had published it in 2010 for Nintendo’s platforms DS and Wii.

Gormiti franchise is one of the newest franchises that had had substantial success straight from the get-go. Gormiti aren’t Gruppo Giochi Preziosi’s only toy but are without any doubt the most popular one. It needs to be seen what kind of an impact new TV series will have, and whether at all will they come to the U.S. which is one of the largest markets for toys. If that happens in near future, and if the new show proves to be more successful than the predecessor show, the only thing that can be expected is the even larger expansion of Gormiti action figures followed by new video games and other interactive toys.


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