Best Toys for Holidays

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Holiday season is a time of the year which little ones, unarguably enjoy the most. That’s thanks to the gifts that they usually receive in abundance, and it has much less to do with the spirit of holidays itself. Thanks to the time we live in and globalization which slowly but steadily paves its way, children of all nationalities and religions now receive presents, at one time or another. There are certain limitations imposed by these categories, however, and it isn’t possible for everyone to get a specific present which would like. Moreover, it is hard to choose the best present for holidays as every individual has its own views on what’s the best present for them. That’s why you have to pay a close attention to this when you’re buying holiday presents to your dearest ones. Still, there are some presents which are always appreciated by almost all kids and you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

Video games

happy holiday

If your kid loves playing video games, for instance, buying him a new gaming console is the best possible way to win him over and keep him calm for the next few months. If you’ve already done that before, there’s no need for a console, just a game or two should be sufficient.


Of course, it is recommended to probe things out before buying a specific game if you aren’t acquainted with your child’s taste in games. Also, look out for parental advisory sign and ESRB ratings, especially if your kid is below the age of 10. If video gaming isn’t up your kid’s alley, and he/she is a sports type, buying them their favorite player’s jersey or new gear for training should be a hit.

Holiday Themed Toys

Toys for babies and toddlers are numerous, and sometimes around holiday season, they usually become themed toys. Of course, themes are holidays and almost all of the options you can set your mind to, come with Santa, reindeer or elfs. There just are no limitations to this and everything that comes to your mind, and has these characters on it is a good present for holidays.


All kinds of puzzles, interactive toys or stuffed animals (especially reindeers) and even miniature Santas will do. In addition, when they develop their taste for sweets, and it happens rather soon, giving them a sweet basket together with some toys is always a right thing to do. If you combine this with Santa himself, they’ll be up for a real treat, and one to remember for a long time, or at least up until next year’s holiday season.

Franchised Toys

Some of the most popular toys are those that come as franchises. Lego sets are some of them and are exceptionally good choices, especially if your child has already developed love towards them. Christmas Lego sets are a good choice here, but you don’t have to limit yourself to them. Pretty much any set is a good choice, and if you don’t know which one to take, you can always check with your kids, but remain discrete, it is the Santa that has brought them the presents, not you, remember?

christmas lego

Girls too can play with Lego bricks, but let’s assume that they don’t. For them, there’s always a new Barbie doll, especially if it’s a new, special edition. Santa’s helper Barbie doll is perfect example of a holiday present as it combines both spirit of the holiday season and appeal which Barbie dolls have for young lasses. Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse would sweep your princess of her feet, and so would Disney Princess Castle if Snow White or Cindarella are more likely her choices.

Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse

Board Games

Board games could be a perfect present, especially if you have a boy and a girl since they are not gender-exclusive. All kinds of puzzles can also be considered as a good choice, but they can be gender-exclusive at some times, especially if they are meant for younger children. A DVD set of their own favorite cartoon or TV show is also something you should consider, but you might think of pairing it with some actual toy. For instance, if a character from a DVD has its own action figure or a stuffed toy, it should be a no-brainer.

Scrabble Junior

Large Toys

Larger toys can be a lot of fun too. Large stuffed animals, for instance or large car replicas. Power wheels Barbie Mustang is a great piece which seats two children. Even though it says Barbie, and comes in pink, don’t be surprised if your kids enter into fights about it as boys usually can’t resist a good Mustang, and why should they. It is, however, recommended to buy them their own ride-on vehicle toy. Whether it’s a two or four-wheeler, it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s no fighting about one. Large train sets are a little bit more sophisticated than smaller ones, and also more technologically advanced. They are automatized and powered by electricity, so specific age has to be reached before this can become a present. Another perk that goes in favor of large train sets is the fact that they are usually customizable. This meas that you can gradually add more wagons or railroad parts which help in improving the set’s life as a toy.

Power wheels Barbie Mustang

In order to attract children from the whole neighborhood, it is best to buy your kid a miniature foosball or pool billiard set. Children’s drum sets or keyboards can also have the same effect and are even better choices if you recognize a potential future music superstar in your child. If nothing from this list suits you, you can always refer to some proved and tested products. For a girl, pretty much anything from Hello Kitty lineup can come in handy, while for a boy, you can browse through myriad of action figures which can be found in the market, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for instance.

Children’s drum sets

All in all, holiday season is the time when presents are mandatory and best toys for holidays really depend on what you’re looking for and what your children’s interests are. Hopefully, this list helps in making a decision or gives you a few insights on what is there to be bought.

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