Best toys for birthdays

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Birthdays are among the most important days in one’s year. Buying the best possible toy for someone’s birthday is also quite important, but can be tricky. Moreover, a child only gets 18 legal birthdays, 10 or 11 of which they actually remember (yes number 18, we are counting you out). When you put it like this, it adds a lot of pressure, especially for parents which are always around and can’t really afford to strike out. Choosing best toys for birthdays really depends on what your children’s interests are. It is usually a good idea to feel them out before coming to a decision, but there are some guidelines which usually work for almost everyone.

Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers are a special category. They will not remember anything from their birthdays and you certainly can’t feel them out as even they don’t really know what they want. However, fail to buy them something that they could play with for a few weeks after the special day, and they might count these first few birthdays towards your strike counter. If you’re wondering how will they know? Pictures are the answer, especially today, in social networks era.

Ride on Toys

There are plenty of toys for youngest ones, but there are also plenty of things to pay attention to. Potentially hazardous toys should be avoided and you can always consult W.A.T.C.H. organization for that matter. Possibly the best thing to buy for your 2 or 3-year old kid is a ride on toy, especially if it’s a realistic replica. Girls can get their own Barbie pink Mustang, and boys could have their own Formula1 cart. There are other choices like stuffed toys including animals and TV characters, or educational puzzles and interactive toys. Most important part is to remember that baby toys should be simple and made out of fewest parts possible while toddler toys should follow a similar routine. However, latter ones could get a little bit more complex, as long as standards are passed and rules are followed.

Kids between 3 and 6 years old

As kids are getting older, potential present list rapidly becomes different. The same way some toys are becoming uninspiring or dull, other emerge as possibilities. Between 3 and 6 years of age, there’s plenty of things you can buy them. This is the time when your kids are rather aware of their surroundings, and puzzles or similar brain teasers are now available. And not only basic puzzles, but slightly more complex too.

3-6 years old

This is the time where you might consider buying them their first bike, with supporting wheels, of course. All kinds of dolls and action figures are also a good choice, and so are die cast cars, planes and robots for boys. For girls, on the other hand, classic Barbie or Disney dolls are in order. In fact, there are new, modern dolls that should also be considered, such as Monster high dolls, American girl dolls or Bratz dolls. Be sure to do your math as buying your princess classic doll even though she prefers new. Edgier versions won’t stick well with her.


7-Year Old’s

After they reach the age of seven, a list of possibilities becomes even larger. Almost everything mentioned in previous age range still works here, apart from the bicycle with support wheels. Instead, you can buy them real bicycle as they should know how to ride one by now. Die-cast vehicles, puzzles and dolls can now be even more complex and advanced. Also, considering buying your children their first video game console might be a good move. Of course, keep in mind parental control as some games are way too violent and shouldn’t even be seen by your young ones.

game console

Lego blocks are yet another great present for birthday. There are plenty of Lego sets for all kinds of ages, but most of them are good-to-go between ages 7 and 10. If by now your kid starts to show early signs of a potentially successful sports career, don’t feel shy to help him/her out on this long road. Baseball mitt and bat, soccer ball, basketball or football, all kinds of gear needed for training are only some of the possibilities here. Also, installing that hoop above the garage door could go a long way for you.

lego toys

Great present ideas for your 10-year old

10-year old’s are already different category. They mostly continue to play video games or to hone their skills in sports until their late teenage years and every present that can be related to these interests of theirs would be welcome at this point. Getting them a large jigsaw puzzle could also do the trick and so could a DVD or Blu-Ray set of their favorite show. However, the fact is that toys are becoming less and less interesting as children start growing up and by the time they reach the age of 15, it is really hard to buy them a toy which they could appreciate. If you consider Mac or PC a toy, you could certainly buy them one at this point.


Oh those teenage years

Best toys for birthdays after the age of 15 are a somewhat abstract category. While some children still play with some kind of toys at that age, most of them have already forgotten about the word “toy”. Still, some rather complex puzzles which could take them months to finish could be a good choice if they are interested in puzzles, that is. However, you’ll most likely want to pair any toy you buy to your kid at this time with some different kinds of presents which they could use on a regular basis. Even after your children reach adulthood, they could still appreciate a well-thought-of toy present like a ship in the bottle that they could assemble or a replica of some world-famous landmark which could be used in a similar manner.


Toys are, without any doubt some of the best presents your child can hope for. Still, as they grow in size and age, toys in their life start to become redundant. Modern age offers modern toys and contemporary trends include pretty much everything that is connected to the internet. Even evidently under-aged children are using the internet as of late, and they should be encouraged to stick to the traditional toys as long as it’s possible.

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