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In more than 90 years, Disney has become one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Toy production earns them only a small part of their revenue, since TV production, broadcasting and theme parks are their main niches and sources of income. However, Disney toys have to be considered the main product when awareness raising is concerned, together with animation movies, that is. That’s because 14 theme parks around the globe aren’t nearly enough to cover the whole world and over 200 of its countries. Moreover, not every country has a chance to broadcast Disney channel which leaves toys first in line to do the job. It has to be noted, however, that Disney doesn’t produce toys in their own back yard, but through licenses, and this leaves a lot of room for plagiarism. The only way to ensure that you have the best Disney toys in your possession is to buy them directly from Disney stores which are available throughout most of the developed markets.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Most popular Disney toys are, without any doubt dolls, plush toys and action figures. Which character is the most popular depends upon its exposure on TV which is directly influenced by Disney broadcasting stations and Disney creative team. Over all these years that Disney has been active, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were ever-present and have been the most popular characters in the whole Disney world.

Mickey and Minnie Plushed Toys

Tons of toy dolls were based on them, and that’s not all. They were soon joined by the rest of the Mouse family which consists of both Mickey’s and Minnie’s relatives.

Donald Duck, Bambi, Goofy and Pluto

Another immensely popular character that came out of Walt Disney’s vivid imagination is Donald Duck which was drawn only six years after Mickey and Minnie Mouse, in 1934. Just like it was the case with the Mouses, Duck family was also gradually enlarged and there are a plethora of toys today which are related to them.

Daisly and Donald

Bambi, Goofy and Pluto were also very popular in Disney’s early years, but the number of characters was largely expanded and it is hard to name every one of them today. There are at least couple of hundreds of Disney characters, and some sources state that there are a few thousands of characters including all TV shows, short films and documentaries. However, some of these only featured once, so their toys never actually had the chance to be made.

Goofy Pluto Bambi

Classic and Modern Disney Toys

Just like one can buy any kind of toy doll based upon classic Disney heroes, one can also easily find new toys as well. Dalmatian puppies, all 101 of them, Chip and Dale, Alice, Tinker Bell, Snow White, Cinderella and plenty more characters have been made into toys. In fact, Disney toys are categorized by the universe to which they belong. All main characters have their own universe.


There are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Aladdin, and even Pixar universes which are now part of Disney and include Toy Story, Cars, Nemo and the like. Disney’s latest addition is George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise which means that all toys based upon the SW universe are now Disney’s too.

Disney Vehicles

Apart from all kinds of stuffed toys, dolls and action figures which obviously make the most of Disney’s toys, given the sheer number of Disney heroes, best Disney toys also include a vast number of Die Cast cars, planes and other vehicles. Thanks to Pixar’s Cars collection, Disney now offers a number of toys directly from this universe, including Lightning McQuen, Holly Shiftwell, Fin McMissile, and many other cars and trucks.

Millenium Falcon

Planes are also here and apart from Dusty, you can play with Leadbottom or Skipper in many different styles and sizes. Aircraft also include Star Wars nameplates like Millennium Falcon, X-Wing fighter, Star Destroyer, Landspeeder and many more vehicles and aircraft. Train sets are also popular and Disney offers many different types of these.

Disney Play Sets

Disney play sets are, in fact, another category where California-based company excels as they offer plenty of different types of these toy combinations. Apart from the train sets which come in many forms, Disney uses its character universes to combine all kinds of different units in creating the best kits possible. Mack Die Cast Carrier Set, for instance, offers eight different Die Cast cars and a large truck to accommodate them all. Similar to Barbie’s dreamhouse, Disney’s castles and houses are available with a number of dolls and figures, and in plenty of themes as well.

Disney’s castles

There are Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty castles, or all kinds of sets with classic Disney clubhouse hero figures with different kinds of toys like a monorail set with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Stitch, Lilo and Goofy. Planes figure play set includes Dusty, Skipper, Ripslinger, El Chupacabra, Chug and Dottie, while Finding Nemo figure play set includes Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Squirt, Bruce, Bloat, Bubbles, Pearl and Gill. Star Wars saga also has its own sets like “A New Hope” figure play set which offers six figures from the first-ever Star Wars movie, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Needless to say, rest of the movies also have sets of their own, and so do all other successful movies or cartoons from Disney’s kitchen.

Video Games and Board Games

Apart from classic, material toys, Disney is very successful in producing, or at least, licensing video games and is doing that since the first consoles appeared in the nineteen seventies. They also produce small figure sets which they sell together with video games for currently popular consoles. Disney Infinity nameplate mostly consists of Marvel Super Heroes’ figurines. Moreover, board games like Disney theme park monopoly, a special edition of Disney Rubik’s cube or all kinds of jigsaw puzzles with Disney world characters are also included in the inventory of best Disney toys.

video and board games

Video and Board Game

It is clear why such a large nameplate like Disney offers plenty of different products. Toys are probably the most diverse products that they offer and given the number of ideas that had gone through the company over nine decades, this fact comes as no surprise. It is quite a fairytale world and for a good reason too.

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